House's House of Smut

Because THIS is the hottest cast on television.

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House Smut- Because THIS is the hottest cast on television.
A House fanfiction community dedicated entirely to pr0n. We're here for NC-17 fics and pics, and possibly R-rated work, too. We accept all pairings; het, slash, femslash, OT3, and beyond. If it's smutty and House-related, this is the place for it.

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Respect each other. No flaming, etc.
When posting fanfics, images, or more than three icons, write a brief description, and put them behind a cut.
When posting anything that contains spoilers, post a warming, and put it behind a cut.
Posts must be kept on-topic. Discussion of the show is acceptable, especially if it's relating to sex. Posts that are off-topic will be deleted.
You may advertize your community here, if it's specifically related to House M.D., but only one advertisement per community is acceptable.

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